If Music Be The Food Of Love….


Music lyrics very often inspire me.

If I’m feeling a bit directionless with my writing and need a bit of a boost, nothing seems to help more than a blast of Fleetwood Mac; Lissie; Bom Jovi or Thea Gilmore to make me get back on track.

My love of music definitely helped when I was jotting down ideas for “Rock My World.”

I’ve always loved rock music and the big 80s rock anthems  led me to find my ghostly rock singer Stevie Vee.

Song lyrics can be very literary and many a time,  I’ve sat and listened in awe to the words of songs by artists like Stevie Nicks.

They can create pictures and feelings, just like the words of an author and often I’ve listened to these great lyrics and wished I’d thought of them first!

So the next time you feel in need of a little creative inspiration, why not put on the radio or play some of your favourite tracks?

I find I often come up with my best writing when I’ve got music blasting in the background!







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