Printed Or Kindle?


I just read a really interesting article about whether published books or indeed e-books are on their way out and which version of reading is more popular.

To be honest, I don’t think it really matters which one readers decide to opt for.

Whether you have a passion for the printed word or much prefer your Kindle, as long as there are so many gifted writers out there with varied and fantastic stories to tell, I don’t think that is an issue.

What matters is the talented authors who are keen to have their characters heard. The genres who are bursting with wonderful ideas and concepts. 

As long as there are opportunities for writers to be heard, read and get their foot in the publishing door, then it shouldn’t be an issue at all whether they are printed traditionally, electronically or both.

Please keep reading and keep writing !






2 thoughts on “Printed Or Kindle?

  1. Yes absolutely. Anything that gets people reading is great and neither are a threat to the other. I have a Kindle, and obviously my book is only an eBook, but I regularly buy paperbacks.

    X x

  2. I totally agree with this post! I personally prefer paperback books. I like the feel of them, I like holding them and turning the pages but I got a Kindle last month which I am really enjoying using too. It doesn’t matter how you chose to do it, as long as you’re reading!

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