Oh Matt!


Some of the wonderful words used to describe my hero, dashing Scottish journalist Matt Jardine this week  – “Matt is a hottie!” “Sex on legs” and “brooding.”

Other comments ranged from “SQUEAL” (love that!) to “I’ve developed a bit of a crush on him.”

I’ve read lots of romance/chick-lit novels and there has been occasions where I have found myself sighing over one or two of the compelling heroes other writers have created.

Someone that you have dreamt up and crafted on paper, have an effect on readers in this way, really means so much.

It is so rewarding!

I was asked if Matt was based on anybody and I have to admit, he does have a brush of the Bradley Cooper about him. The wolf-like grey eyes and that sexy, lupine grin.

He’s also passionate, wealthy and arrogant (until my protagonist reporter Ruby Cameron tips his world upside down…)

I hope you have as much enjoyment reading about Matt and my other characters in “Rock My World” as I did writing about them.

The fact that you are taking  “Rock My World” characters to your hearts, is humbling – although judging by some of the saucy comments, I think a few of you would like to take Matt somewhere else!

I love hearing from readers – so please do get in touch…..Matt says Hi by the way (cheeky wink!)

Julie X




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