Who’s Afraid Of Mr Wolfe? A Masterclass in Creating The Perfect Hero!


In a recent interview, I was asked which book hero was my favourite.

Oh good grief! I thought.

I’ve read so many novels now and many of these characters have stayed with me, long after I finished the book.

But there is one character, who left me breathless – his name is Jack Wolfe, of “Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?” by the fab author Hazel Osmond.

I had heard about this novel on numerous occasions and bought it almost a year ago. We went off on holiday to Malta and this was the first book I decided to read.

As soon as I picked it up, this romance sparkled with chemistry, laughter, passion and tinges of sadness.

Jack Wolfe is sexy, uninhibited and fiercely ambitious. He’s also hiding some insecurities.

Every time he enters the story, my blood pressure rocketed through the roof – it was amazing!

If you have never read this novel, I would strongly recommend that you do. To me, it’s a master class in creating a hero who the readers feel they can connect with.

It was this novel that inspired me to create my hero Matt Jardine in “Rock My World”.

Through her writing of this novel, Hazel Osmond taught me to be passionate and fearless with my characters.

I think if you fall in love with your creations, then the readers will too!











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