Hooray For Heroes!


Writing about your Hero – it can’t get much better can it?!

I mean, having a job where you can spend some time staring into his hypnotic eyes; creating him from your imagination; making your reader palpitate every time his name is mentioned….

Everyone will have their own ideas about what makes the perfect literary Hero but here are the things I think make a Hero stand out from the crowd….

* Intense eyes – I think it is true that eyes are the windows to the soul. How can anyone resist a handsome Hero, who has eyes that should carry a Government Health Warning?

* A sexy smile – Someone’s smile can light up their face and cause hearts to race. It doesn’t have to be a perfect smile – but one that makes the reader and the Heroine go “Wow!”

* Confidence – There is nothing more attractive than confidence – even a hint of arrogance.

*Passion – Not afraid to show his feelings. A passion for the Heroine and a passion for life – a lethal combination.

*Lack of Inhibition – A Hero who isn’t scared to show his feelings or exhibit his emotions. Very appealing.

I’m currently reading Trisha Ashley’s “Every Woman For Herself” and the Hero in this fab novel, Mace North, could set light to a room simply  by walking in. Dark, intelligent, passionate, gorgeous – and slightly grumpy…. Well!

Another literary Hero of mine, is the mouth-watering Jack Wolfe in Hazel Osmond’s “Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?” What a man!

I think the world will always need Heroes – thank goodness! And why not?

Now back to writing my Hero in #romcom Book 2….. it’s a hard life!










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