Juggling Children & Creativity


Trying to juggle children and writing is not an easy thing, as any author will tell you.

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go and even when my two sons are with me, I still try to scribble down thoughts, ideas and observations.

My two sons are now on school summer holidays for seven weeks (yes, you did read that correctly) and it is very much a case now of me trying to grab five minutes here and there to get something written down. Anything is a bonus!

I’ve just managed to grab half an hour to write some greetings card verses and while they are occupied playing chess right now, I’m doing this. There are sparks literally coming from the keyboard!

For me, it is just a case of trying to write as and when and not beating myself up too harshly if my To Do List becomes a bit of a fright.

I want to enjoy their summer holiday with them.

Sometimes, the evenings can be a blessing, as I can make notes for the next day or try to catch up a bit if possible.

Five minutes writing is better than five minutes procrastinating.

Right – I wonder if I can snatch ten minutes reading time now….?







2 thoughts on “Juggling Children & Creativity

  1. stuckinscared

    I love having my ‘Littlie’ at home during the summer hols, but I know what you mean about juggling – I’m having enough trouble keeping up with my (amateur) bloggy writing – Goodness knows how you manage school hols and a writing career o_O

    I feel I should High five you 🙂

    Kimmie x

    • Thanks Kimmie – sometimes if I’m picking them up from after an after school activity, I try to even write a few lines or read in the car while I am waiting! Getting anything down when you can is a bonus, isn’t it? X

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