Pressing “Send!”


The date was Wednesday 30 July 2014.

The time was 4.45pm.

My fingers hovered over the keyboard and I took a gulp.

Here goes!

I pressed “Send” and off it went – my second novel – winging its way to my Editor.

I’d undertaken numerous rounds of re-writing and editing/polishing my second romcom and here I was, at the stage where I felt I could do no more and that it was now time to release my “new baby” to my Editor at Not So Noble Books.

Since that time on Wed, I have spent my time catching up with more reading and jotting down ideas and character outlines for Book 3, which I hope to make a start on in a couple of weeks when my two sons return to school.

Pressing “Send” whether it is your first novel or your 100th, is a huge step for any author. It means months of love, labour and perspiration have gone into it and you hope with all your heart that the readers will enjoy reading it every bit as much as you enjoyed writing it.

The life of a writer, I find, is exciting, hectic, nerve-racking and creative – and I wouldn’t have it any other way!




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