8 Best Things about being a Writer….



  • Being your own Boss – that’s until your characters start telling you what to do that is!
  • Staring off into the middle distance for long periods of time to think and imagine – I’m working, I’m working!
  • Treating yourself every now again to snazzy notebooks – well it is for work and you should carry one with you at all times…
  • Browsing bookshops for ideas and inspiration.
  • Sitting in a Cafe with a large latte and your notebooks – I’m working, I’m working!
  • Doing something you love and getting paid for it – ok, it might not be squillions but we live to write, not write to live eh folks?!
  • Reading is research – I’m working, I’m working!
  • Hearing from readers that they enjoy your work****** This makes writers everywhere sigh dreamily!

In other words, being a Writer is the best job in the world. It’s tough, it’s hard work and it requires commitment and dedication – but we wouldn’t want to do anything else


Julie Shackman

14 August 2014.







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