The Power Of Books


It might sound silly but books, for me, bring a physical comfort too…

Like many people, I get rather nervous going to the dentist. I don’t convey these anxieties (or at least try not to!) to our two sons, as the last thing I want to do is make them start worrying about these necessary visits.

Whenever I go to the dentist, I always make sure I take the latest novel I’m reading with me. Nine times out of ten, whilst I’m waiting to be seen, I’m too nervous to concentrate on actually reading it but just having the cover peeping out of the top of my bag, triggers off memories of what I’ve read of it so far; what I’ve enjoyed about it and what I suspect might happen next!

It definitely helps distract me from worrying and gives me something else to think about, until I am summoned for my appointment.

Even when I’m in the dentists’ chair, I’ll often think about the novel I’ve brought with me.

The power of books cannot be underestimated and the comfort, warmth and pleasure they give is outstanding.

I actually have a dentists appointment at lunchtime today and already, the latest book I’m reading, “The Teashop On The Corner” by the fab Millie Johnson is sitting in my bag waiting to come with me!

I’ll probably be too nervous (as usual) to read it in there but knowing it’s there, really does make a difference!

Julie X



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