Publication Day!


Today as my new romcom is published I have been…

  • Trying to promote my book whilst desperate for a coffee and travelling back from a holiday weekend.
  • Listening to an assortment of feel-good rock on the IPod.
  • Gazing adoringly at my new cover and every five seconds.
  • Sticking washing in the washing machine from our weekend away, whilst composing e-mails/checking e-mails.
  • Getting my two sons school clothes ready for back to school tomorrow (today has been a Bank Holiday here in Scotland)
  • Navigating an ironing board that has a life of its own.
  • Trying not to stare at myself in any reflective surface as I look positively knackered.
  • Longing to get back to the comfort of our own bed.
  • Planning to fit in more work on Book 3 whilst promoting Book 2.

Aaah – don’t you just love it!


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