How To Be A Writing Hero!

  • Read,  read and read some more!

Novels; short stories; magazines – basically anything I can lay my hands on! I find it really helps me to reconnect with my work; appreciate the talent of others and gives me an idea of where I can improve!

  • Carry a notebook everywhere and jot down any random ideas; descriptions and words which come to you.
  • Praise others! RT other authors on Twitter; read their advice; study writing bloggers – we are all in it together! The learning curve is invaluable.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – try and develop your own writing style. We weren’t meant to all be the same!
  • Read magazines such as Writing Magazine – they feature lots of great advice and really encourage you to persevere.
  • Write the sort of story you would want to read – I was told that a long time ago and still carry this mantra with me to this day.
  • Don’t give up – ever!!! You could be so close to getting that publisher/agent to say Yes. Every writer gets rejected at some time or another. It’s the authors who keep going, that eventually get published!

Remember you are a Writing Hero -Good Luck!

Julie X


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