Love Is In The Air!


Do you love romance?

Are your a romantic author/blogger or simply an avid reader of the genre?

If so, then you might have been like me over the weekend – drawn into the HarperCollins Romance Festival.

It was two days of interviews, insights, suggestions and advice from new authors, established writers and bloggers about romance – and I found it totally addictive!

I had promised myself that I would undertake more work on my Book 3 romcom – instead, I sat there enthralled as some of the most admired writers and new authors with immense talent, described the ups and downs of their publishing journey.

From suggestions on tackling the infamous “Writer’s Block” to advice on making your characters more believable, the wealth of knowledge, humour and entertainment never stopped.

It was inspiring to hear of the struggles; heart-warming to read and hear success stories and encouraging to hear that all writers experience rejection at one time on another.

It felt like one large community of like-minded people, who wanted to give inspiration to each other.

Ok, so I didn’t get as much writing done on my third novel as I would have liked. But what I did get, was optimism, suggestions and creative inspiration – can’t be bad!

It says a lot about such a prestigious publisher as HarperCollins, putting on an event like this again (I believe they have done this before) and actively engaging all writers, whether they be incredibly successful or just starting out.

So here I am on Monday, keen to get back to my WIP and brimming with even more enthusiasm for my favourite genre.

Here’s to the next Romance Festival!

Julie X


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