Feed Your Imagination!


As I write this, I’m sitting in a local tea room on this dreary Monday morning.

The pavements are slick with rain. It even attempted to snow a short while ago.

My table is by a beveled window and I’m people-watching as I write. Dashes of coloured coats and popping umbrellas weave and move in the town square below.

In the tea room itself, a vast array of gleaming tea pots sit stoutly on the shelves. There’s the polite murmur of chatter and the clink of crockery.The perfect place to write – and watch the world go by.

I’ve been in here for just over an hour now and in that time, I’ve done some reading and written several hundred more words of my third romcom.

I discreetly watch the other customers; heads bent in confidential chatter; eyes intently focused on who they are with; huddled over their warm tea pots and glistening cakes.

I wonder that they are talking about? What is going on in their lives? Why did that lady just audibly gasp and clap a hand over her mouth?

People-watching is such a rewarding and informative past-time for writers. I think it can definitely feed your imagination for creating new characters, plots and story-lines.

And what better way to do it, than sitting in a cosy tea room with your prized notebook?

Happy People-Watching everyone!

Julie X


One thought on “Feed Your Imagination!

  1. Matt Owens Rees

    Great blog post. It’s the only way to write. I do it all the time and also have a Thai focus group where I bounce ideas off a group of Thais from different backgrounds. Too often in Thailand people regurgitate the “news” and “cultural differences” without having any contact of or observation of the Thai people.

    Thanks for sharing.


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