I Wish I’d Written This!


I sat spell-bound last night, as Aidan Turner became the dark and brooding Hero, Captain Ross Poldark.

The remake of the original and very successful 1970s series for BBC One, has been heavily promoted.

Would the first episode live up to all the expectations?

In my opinion, it did and so much more. The windswept Cornwall coast; flaring tempers and seething passions – it had it all.

The late author, Winston Graham, has, in Ross Poldark, created a character who is troubled, determined and deep. He also has  a strong work ethic and moral code.

As I watched it, I was overcome with admiration for Graham’s story-telling.

“I wish I’d written this,” I thought in awe.

So if you haven’t seen it yet (and if not, why not?!) I’d strongly recommend that you do.

It has an amazing array of characters, whose lives are submerged in romance and intrigue.

If “Poldark” doesn’t spur you on to improve your writing and character development then nothing will!

Now I’ve just got to try and wait patiently until next Sunday!

Julie X


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