What Works For Me!


How do you write?

Do you go straight onto your laptop/PC and get the words down?

Or do you grab your notebook and write your novel in there first?

Recently, I read about a well-known author who said they could tell at once if a novel had been automatically written onto a computer.

They said they could tell the words hadn’t been drafted first.

I’m not sure how you could tell whether a novel had been written in this way.

However, I do feel that when I’m writing, I prefer to get my work down in a good old-fashioned notebook first. I’ll try to put as much of my novel as I can on paper, before tweaking it and getting it onto the PC.

It just seems to flow better that way.

Sitting in front of a computer with a blank page staring at me, often makes me a feel a bit daunted.

With my notebook, I know I can scribble down my ramblings; the story is forming and I can always change sections when I come to type it up.

In fact, I do this with everything I write, whether it’s my latest Blog Post; a Guest Post; greetings card verses or my latest romcom.

And it’s a great excuse to go out and buy lots of gorgeous new notebooks of course…!

What works for you?

Happy Writing!

Julie X


3 thoughts on “What Works For Me!

  1. I really dont have a choice as I cant write due to a stroke.I type all my ideas down and eventually they develop into blogs.I bullet point on a blank screen and then work on joining and that helps me put lots of detail in each bullet point.I wouldnt do that by hand anyway.I suppose I had to adapt.
    Thanks for reading my blog Juliexx

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