Write On!


If, like me, you have an affection for Twitter and can procrastinate with the best of them, then being disciplined can be a challenge!

So what do I do to try and get words down on paper?

I go out to a local coffee shop.

if I stay at home to try and write, disaster usually strikes! I become distracted; I lose my focus and before I know it, it’s mid afternoon; I haven’t written a thing and my two sons arrive home from school for a feeding frenzy!

So my “usual”writing day (if there is such a thing) involves getting the boys off to school and then I head off with my notebook and pens to a local coffee shop.

Armed with a pot of tea and sometimes a tasty treat (!) I’ll sit in a comfy corner and write. In between writing, I’ll people-watch and observe the general hustle. I can concentrate on what I’m doing and not be distracted by housework.

I’ll try to write as much as I can and when I’m finished, I’ll head home to type it up. If I feel I’m struggling to get started, I always take the latest book I’m reading with me. Usually over a cuppa and a few pages of reading, I’ll find that usually helps to get me going.

Seeing other people working around me, as they sip their coffee or pour their tea, makes me want to be more productive too.

After a Monday morning of slaving over a hot notebook, it’s time to type up my scribbles – if I can read my own handwriting that is!

Happy Writing Everybody!

Julie X


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