Character Reference!


They talk to me when I least expect it.

They make me smile; they make me laugh and they surprise me very often – I’m talking about my characters!

I can be driving along in my car, listening to the radio and suddenly a snapshot of conversation will pop into my head.

Or I’ll be wandering the isles of the local supermarket and something about the way they speak or handle a situation, will drift into my head.

They can change in an instant; they can do something unexpected or they’ll veer off in another direction.

That is the joy of creating “new people”; new worlds and new settings – the options are immense and the possibilities are endless.

I’ve just been to my local coffee shop to write this morning and it was as if my Book 3 characters were sitting along side me, nursing their tea or latte and talking about what matters to them.

When I read books, a special or memorable character will stay with me for a long time.

I hope I can recreate this bond with my work.

Happy reading everyone and hope your “chats” with your characters are an eye-opener too!

Julie X


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