“Spring Into Action!”


It’s that time of year again folks.

Another school holiday, this time Spring Break and for many of us parents who are also authors, we are asking ourselves that all important question – How are we going to fit our writing around our children for the next two weeks?

Demanding the creativity of Houdini and the energy of Mo Farah, we strive to keep our kids happy and entertained whilst still managing to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on our latest novel/blog post/article.

I don’t think there are any easy answers or quick fix solutions to managing your time but during all the hustle and bustle of Spring Break, this is what I try to do;

  • I still carry my notebook whenever we go out anywhere. Any ideas that come to me, I quickly jot them down. At busy times like this, any writing is better than nothing.
  • If I don’t find time to read during the day, I’ll try to read a few pages in bed at night.
  • If my sons are occupied, I’ll jot down random ideas; find a few minutes to go on Twitter; do a bit of PR or have a look at my Blog. It’s just a case of exploiting any spare moments you have.
  • Weather permitting, I’ve managed to do some writing out in the garden while my sons have been knocking a football around. OK, you might only end up with half an hour but it’s surprising what you can come up with when time is against you!

It might not seem much writing in the scale of what you normally do during your normal day-today but a few minutes of reading/writing/note-taking/marketing means you are still maintaining your “writing mojo” to some degree.

Good Luck, Happy Writing and enjoy the holidays!

Julie X


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