Lists Are The Biz!



I’m crazy about them. Shopping lists. To-Do Lists….

If I didn’t write lists, I wouldn’t feel anywhere near as organised. I know it’s probably more of a placebo mechanism, but if it helps, then it can only be a good thing.

With my writing, I use lists too. I’ll jot down deadlines; notes; dates – anything which will help me feel as if I have some control (ha!) over what I’m supposed to be doing next.

I heard only recently, that To-Do Lists shouldn’t be too long, otherwise they appear intimidating and can defeat the purpose of actually trying to work your way through them.

Not only do I use my notebook, but I’ll also scribble down dates in my calendar for Blog post deadlines, writing competitions and reminders.

Lists can also be very stress-releasing too – it feels great to be able to score through things that you have been able to achieve, however large or small the task.

So next time you have a few writing deadlines, make a list and just gradually work your way through it. it definitely helps me feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Julie X


One thought on “Lists Are The Biz!

  1. I recommend “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. His system is based on lists, which I also love and which is why I took to his method so quickly. Lots of creative people find it very liberating. Better yet, you can have as many lists as you need and they can be as long as you want.

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