Why Did You Ask That?!


Annoying questions I have been asked as an author….

  • How much do you earn? (None of your business!)
  • Do you get an advance? (Again, none of your business!)
  • Do you write about sex a lot? (!) (No, but if you read my novels, you would know that.)
  • Am I in one of your novels? (Not likely!)
  • It’s not a proper job though is it? (Yes it is and I bet I work a darn sight harder than you.)
  • Why don’t you try and write a book like “50 Shades of  Grey?” (Er – because EL James has.)
  • Is your novel like “50 Shades of Grey?” (No, because writers try to be original and come up with new ideas.)
  • Kindle isn’t the same as being a printed author though, is it? (Yes it is. As long as people read, that’s the main thing.) I’m sure I can hear the groans from other writers!

Happy writing, happy reading and remember that such questions pale into insignificance when you think about how much you love being an author!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Julie X


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