What’s The Write Answer?


I used to be one of those authors who would be riddled with guilt if I didn’t write every single day.

If I wasn’t slaving over a hot notebook when I thought I should, I’d carry feelings of “letting the side down.”

But I like to think that lately, I’ve been a bit more laid back about it.

Don’t get me wrong. I love writing and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Yet when life invariably gets in the way sometimes, or I have to juggle, I’ve told myself that if I’m not reading, I’m writing or vice versa.

Jotting down plot ideas; notes for where I’ll take my story tomorrow or even random descriptions I want to use – it’s all progress, even if I’m not sitting every single day, seven days a week, producing 2k words each time – although it is a fantastic feeling when that happens!

I tend not to write very much, if at all, at weekends. We have two sons and time with them is very precious. But in the evening, I’ll read the latest novel I have on the go and think of where I’m going with my WIP.

Writing is all about enjoyment, so if time is against you, just do what you can and keep reading too.

You’ll get there!

Happy Writing & Reading!

Julie X


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