The Write Way To Go!


What will I be doing this Bank Holiday weekend?

Well, I plan to read, write and pour over my latest copy of Writing Magazine.

I find that if I am looking for inspiration or just simply need a pick-me-up from a fellow writer, then the likes of writing magazines are a great source.

These are fellow authors who feel our pain. From struggling over a title for their next work to wading through their latest batch of rejections, we are all in it together, bound by our love of reading and writing.

Advice is given with humour and clarity and the endless message of “Don’t Give Up!” runs through many of the articles.

Such publications are also a hidden gem when it comes to discovering the latest writing competitions.

Getting published (as we all know) is a tough achievement, yet simply reading about other authors and their methods of trying to get into print, as well as their favourite genres and writing techniques, really does inspire.

So the next time you feel a bit jaded, I suggest reading up on other authors and how they write. It really is invaluable – and very encouraging.

Happy reading and writing folks!

Julie X


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