You’ve Got Male!


They are compelling; attractive and fascinating.

Who am I talking about? Book boyfriends of course!

These are the men who, although not perfect, get into our subconscious and make our hearts flutter that little bit faster every time you pick up the novel they are appear in.

I’m sure most people have their own particular favourites and I’m no exception.

Jack Wolfe, the hero in Hazel Osmond’s “Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe?” is an alpha male who stole my heart right from his first appearance. Apparently loosely based on the lovely Richard Armitage, Jack is charismatic, dangerous and complicated.

Please form an orderly queue!

Another male character who I developed a bit of a crush on, was Riley, in Jill Mansell’s fab “The Unpredictable Consequences Of Love.” He’s cheeky; dashing; flirtatious – and carries a secret.

Captain Ross Poldark, the creation of the late Winston Graham, is another fascinating and attractive character, played to perfection IMHO by the rather lovely Aidan Turner.

And then there’s the ¬†brooding actor/playwright Mace North in Trisha Ashley’s “Every Woman For Herself.” He’s opinionated; talented and darkly handsome.

These writers have created characters who stay with you, long after you reach the end. They have flaws and yet they really leave an impression.

That really is a true gift.

Well, I’m just off to read more of “Summer At The Little Beach Street Bakery” by the wonderful Jenny Colgan – and her hero, Huckle, is fast becoming another favourite of mine!

Happy Reading and Writing!

Julie X


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