Get Set for Motivation!


Things that motivate me to write…

  • Reading someone else’s fantastic work.
  • Hearing other writer’s success stories in the face of publishing adversity!
  • Going into a bookshop and seeing the dedication and creativity of other authors.
  • Some new and pretty stationery! If I’ve got a lovely notebook, I feel more compelled to fill it!
  • My love of reading – I can’t imagine never not having a book on the go.
  • The pull of a new idea and/or compelling new characters who are trying to speak to me.
  • The pleasure in creating new worlds and losing myself in my imagination.

I’m sitting in a local coffee shop as I write this, watching more customers breezing in. I hope many of them love books as much as I do!

Happy Writing and hope you’re feeling particularly motivated today!

Julie X


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