All Booked Up!


Today, after lunch, we took our two sons for a wander around a bookshop.

And I’m not ashamed to say that my Husband had to almost forcibly eject me from the place!

The rows upon rows of glossy covers; the posters advertising the latest releases; gorgeous stationery; sparkly pens; cute bookmarks.

Everywhere I looked, there was something to warm an avid reader/writer’s heart.

For me, technology will come and go. Devices will be upgraded and smarter, more innovative progress will carry on.

But for sheer atmosphere and anticipation, there is nothing like entering the realms of a bookshop to remind us readers and writers why we love what we do in the first place.

Customers were loitering around the shelves, simply unable to resist their favourite genre. Other keen readers were pouring over books as they sat in the assorted armchairs.

The atmosphere was relaxed, informal and all consuming.

So the next time you’re passing a bookshop, drop in and soak it up – it’s a great reminder of why us readers/writers/bloggers love what we do!

Happy reading everyone!

Julie X


3 thoughts on “All Booked Up!

  1. Hopefully lots of people will take this on board; I have a book signing coming up and have a recurring nightmare that it will just be me and the bookshop owner looking at each other for two hours! JHx

  2. I could get lost in a bookstore and spend the night; and yes, it’s so inspiring that I have to take my laptop along. I’ve had that same enthusiasm for art supply stores, when I’m painting, and for photography shops, when I’m shooting pictures. I just love the tools of our craft! Thanks for making me think fondly about this.

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