Making a Scene!


One of the many things I enjoy about being a writer, is creating characters and settings.

Like many authors, it is often a case of “Write what you know” and for my romcom novels (I’ve written two and am currently polishing number three) I tend to set them in my native Scotland.

The scenery of rolling hills; cobbled lanes and silvery lochs is very inspiring and gives a writer endless inspiration.

I usually start with a fictitious place name and build up a town from there, incorporating certain aspects of several places and adding in what I imagine would be there.

I find it so enjoyable,  creating my own unique world and hope that the reader will enjoy it every bit  as much as I did dreaming it up!

Where I live in Scotland,  its tree-lined roads and sprinkling of church spires are not far from a dynamic, friendly city which also never ceases to provide great writing material to the eager author.

I also love reading the likes of Jenny Colgan, Wendy Holden and Trisha Ashley, three writers who have a real talent for pulling you into their particular worlds. Their descriptions are compelling and make you feel as though you are there, as part of the story.

Whenever I’m out and about, I always carry my notebook and jot down interesting scenery; amazing landscapes or dazzling buildings.

You just never know when these details might come in handy!

Happy Writing!

Julie X


4 thoughts on “Making a Scene!

  1. I keep a file on my computer of interesting things I’ve seen, story ideas, character sketches and such. Whenever I run dry, so to speak, I go sifting through it and usually find just what I needed. Thanks for posting such a useful and insightful piece on your creative process. One of the things I love about writing is choosing precisely the right word to use. The English language is so rich it’s easy to be scrupulously judicious in your wording and nail all the shades of meaning you were going for.

  2. I can imagine, the scenery in your picture looks amazing enough. It’s no wonder you get inspired. I try to keep a notebook of ideas, sketches etc, Great post and good luck with everything.

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