School’s Out!


It’s that time of year again when every parent/writer across the land, has to juggle their work with childcare…

Yes, it’s school summer  holidays.

For us in Scotland, my two sons began their holidays ten days ago.

For others, the holidays are almost upon them and thoughts go to how you are going to manage deadlines and spend time with your children.

With me, list writing is helpful. If I can jot down what I have to do and when, it really helps get me organised and each time I scratch off an item I’ve completed, I get so much satisfaction.

If I have deadlines, I try to get as much work done earlier in the day and then that usually leaves me more free time in the afternoon to spend with my sons. Another thing I do, is try to catch up on any work early evening.

Any valuable time you can grab, even just ten minutes here and there, to jot down ideas; do a bit of editing or scribble some plot notes will help you.

It is surprising what you can get done in broken down slots during the day and always take your notebook with you when you take your kids out!

Just enjoy spending time with your children; praise yourself for whatever writing you get done each day (it all builds up!) and use whatever spare moments you can.

You’ll probably surprise yourself how productive this time can be!

Happy Writing!

Julie X


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