My TBR is F.A.B!


It is almost like a living, breathing thing.

It is colourful, appealing and never ceases to amaze me….

I’m talking about my To Be Read pile (TBR).

From Jodi Picoult to Matt Dunne, my pile of books sits in my bedside cabinet, just waiting for me to pluck the next one out to read.

I now have the unenviable task of choosing at least three of these gems to take with me on holiday. Last year on holiday, I read three and had just embarked on book number four when it was time to come  home.

So this year, I might just squeeze one extra novel into my case…

Unless a novel really captivates me  (in which case I bring it home with me) I usually donate them to the hotel library where we are staying.

I was very proud of myself, managing to resist the bookshelf in Tesco in case I was lured into purchasing even more reading delights, when my already growing TBR pile is threatening to burst out of my bedside table like The Hulk.

Well, I suppose you can never have too many good books to read can you…?

Happy holiday reading everyone!

Julie X


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