Watch & Learn!


If you’ve not seen any episodes of the new TV drama “Odyssey” yet, then you’ve really missed something special.

This series, about a female soldier who stumbles across a global conspiracy, is compelling viewing – and one of the reasons why, is the assortment of charismatic and troubled characters.

From a glamorous drag queen TV show host to a tortured lawyer; from a truth-seeking young idealist to a fiercely ambitious Greek politician; these people find themselves all tangled up in a situation which is spiralling out of control.

These characters have been written with such imagination, that it almost takes your breath away. Talk about Writer Envy!

Their pursuit of the truth and their moral compasses are in overdrive, whereas “the baddies” are dark, gritty and repellent.

I’m really looking forward to episode 8 tonight and will be watching with my “writer” hat on for another masterclass in characterization – that is, if I can catch my breath!

Julie X


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