Back To The Old Routine?


Our two sons went back to school today after the summer break (it’s a big day for our younger son as he starts secondary school) and oh – the writing progress I was going to make today!

After seven weeks of entertaining the boys, I would have all this time to make more notes about my WIP…..

Well, today has been a bit of a wash-out, if truth be told. The house is just too quiet at the moment!

I’ve faffed around; been out for a couple of walks; done some housework; read a bit – but all I could think about, was the silence in the house and how they were getting on at school.

I know many writers say silence for them, can be productive but not for me! Even turning the radio up louder than usual, didn’t help.

So tomorrow, I will take my notebook and head off out into the blue yonder.

As for this afternoon, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that today is a Procrastination Day.

Roll on 3.15pm when the boys get out of school – yes, really!!

Julie X


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