Note Worthy!


So that’s me just finished another notebook.

All those scribbles; ideas and observations ,together with a lot of nonsense too!

It’s time to pluck a new one from my pile, which always gives me a happy glow. It really is like starting a new chapter.

I keep all my used notebooks – well, you never know when you might have to dip into them. It’s satisfying to see the growing pile of used ones lined up beside my desk.

Ok, half the time I struggle to read what I’ve written in them (!) but it’s gratifying nonetheless to know that they contain either verses of the greetings card brief I was working on at that time; descriptions of characters for that WIP or general ideas which popped into my head.

Here I go, preparing to fill the next one with more details and plot ideas for my latest WIP. It’s dark pink; has a pretty cover dotted with birds, butterflies and flowers and  contains creamy, blank pages – just hope I can come up with enough ideas to fill them!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Julie X


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