Playing The Waiting Game!



One of the many things writers seem to need copious amounts of.

But what happens when your work is out on submission to literary agents; editors; publishing houses and has been for a few months – and you haven’t heard back?

What do you do?

Do you fire them a brief, polite e-mail asking if they have been able to take a look at your MS? Or do you sit on your trembling hands and wait it out?

There seems to be two distinct trains of thought on this. Recently, I’ve read a couple of interviews with agents/publishers  who have said they prefer their potential clients to show patience.

I even read another piece that suggested chasing up your work too early, could put your chances of being signed in jeopardy!

On the other hand, I’ve read that writers should feel they are able to follow up their work, especially if a significant amount of time has elapsed and/or the time is greatly over the response period stated on submission guidelines.

I’d be really interested to hear other writer’s views on this.

What to do?!

Happy Writing Folks!

Julie X


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