Same Old Scene?


Having a change of scene of writing venue seems to have given me renewed ideas and motivation.

Like many writers, I find it extremely difficult to write at home. There are just too many distractions and I procrastinate like mad!

A new tea shop opened up near us about a year ago and just recently, I decided to take my notebook in there and work on my WIP. I found the pretty pastel surroundings; the chinking tea sets and mouth-watering array of baking calming yet encouraging.

To my surprise, I ended sitting in there for almost two hours with a pot of tea and a mini cupcake (I managed a bit of self restraint!) and wrote around 1,000 words.

Since then, I have frequented the little tea shop almost every day.

Just on Friday, I sat in there again and penned another two chapters of my WIP.

The welcoming hospitality of the family who own it; the soft background music of artists such as Adele and Ed Sheerin and the general, relaxed atmosphere is something I look forward to.

So as another working week starts again, guess where I’m planning to go for (hopefully) another productive series of writing sessions?

The only down-side is the tempting array of baking….think I might have to wear dark glasses when I order my pot of tea…!

Happy Writing everyone – wherever you are motivated to do it!

Love Julie X



2 thoughts on “Same Old Scene?

  1. Sounds great to me. My idea of a notebook is something made of paper. I’m pretty sure the whole pen and paper combo gets the creative juices flowing better than a keyboard.
    I end up taking long train trips to get to my dentist and do an incredible amount of writing on the train. Very productive. The only downside is that I can run out of paper and I ended up writing an epic poem in about three different places and haven’t reassembled it yet…note to self!
    xx Rowena

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