It’s All About Chemistry!


What is it about a literary leading man that makes our hearts hammer in our chest?

Is it his bravery perhaps? Or the deep, meaningful stares and his determination to do the right thing?

Whatever his traits, attributes and weaknesses, the right literary Hero can sweep us and our protagonist off our feet.

As some of you may know, I am an avid fan of romantic comedies (not only do I write them but my TBR pile is heaving with them!)

The leading men in novels such as these, catapult me into their world, where I can examine their every thought and move and live through their adventures.

They can seem so real, so human, that it is quite literally breath-taking to read about them and that is such a great and beautiful writing skill to possess.

Hazel Osmond’s “Jack Wolfe” is a case in point, as is “Riley,” another of my favourite book Heroes, created by Jill Mansell.

The chemistry they share with their female protagonists is spell-binding too.

So let us raise a glass to all those literary Heroes out there! There wouldn’t be such a love and demand for the wonderful romance genre without them.

Happy reading everyone!

Julie X




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