Taking Your Writing In Hand


For me, writing my first draft in a notebook is best.

I know every writer has their own way of doing things, but the thought of staring at a blank, white screen fills me with terror. It’s bad enough staring at the pages of a blank notebook!

I find writing my first draft down and then typing it up on the PC, so that it can (hopefully) then be polished and knocked into shape , makes me think I am more in control (ha!) of my writing.

It also makes the writing process, for me at least, seem a bit more creative and adaptable somehow. The physicality of carrying around my notebook and pens is a comforting thought.

I have a brown box file on my desk and it is currently groaning with three new notebooks that I will be filling with my ramblings at some point. The notebook I have got lined up to use next, is covered in multi-coloured love hearts (Thank you Amanda – it’s lovely!)

My current notebook is almost filled with the first 19 Chapters of my WIP….two empty pages left! (Kind of sad in a way!)

Happy Writing everyone and whatever way you choose to write, I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me!

Julie X



6 thoughts on “Taking Your Writing In Hand

  1. I also use a notebook and pen. It’s a fountain pen; you can’t write a historical romance with a ballpoint. I use my notebook for drafts and sketches and notes. It goes with me almost everywhere, but it’s a bit large for my handbag, so something a bit smaller goes with me to the shops in case inspiration strikes on the way there.

    My current notebook is a grey Leuchtturm. It looks enough like the Moleskines that people use in the office that it doesn’t look out of place when I whip it out in the lunch break.

    I find that I just think better with a pen in my hand and a piece of paper in front of me.

  2. Loved this. Although I write my blog on my laptop, I do most of my writing in a notebook first but then it’s a pain tying it up…great for Haiku! I’ve been writing a bit of flash fiction lately and bought myself a notebook with the most hilarious pink flamingo on the front. Don’t know if you have Smiggle over there buyt I got it from there. The flash are 99 words each so thought I’d write them up in there.
    I’ve heard theories that the tension between the pen and paper stimulate the brain. Could be. xx Rowena

  3. I still love to write long hand! I don’t think this will ever change. Something about it feels more magical and creative, I get more from it I suppose. The typing up later is the tedious bit!! I would pay someone to do it for me only they’d never decipher my incoherent scribblings! Ha ha! Lovely post xx

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