10 Myths About Being A Writer


Mean & Moody – That you wander around all day in a smoking jacket and cuddling your cat, staring moodily out of the window (Hang on, isn’t that Blofeld?)

LoadsaMoney! – That you are very rich.

Name Dropping – You know JK Rowling.

Ooh Matron! – That you write erotica.

Do I Know You? – That you always feature people you know in your work.

Cough! – That you chain-smoke and drink copious amounts of coffee.

Richie Rich – That every writer has a lucrative book deal.

Easy-Peasy! –  That writing a book isn’t difficult…..!!

I’m Stuck! – That Writer’s Block doesn’t exist…..it does IMHO!

Write All The Time – That writers can write anywhere – I can’t!!! Writing at home for me is a nightmare. I go to my favourite tea room instead and write there.

Would love to hear your Writer Myths!

Happy Writing and Reading!

Julie X




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