Dear Diary….


I’ve decided to buy a 5 Year Diary.

After reading this suggestion in this month’s Writing Magazine, I considered the idea and knew that having a Diary like this, to plan out my writing plans, deadlines and commitments, is the way to go.

Scribbled post-its and hastily written notes are not the best system to use, when you are trying to keep a record of writing competition deadlines and cut-off dates for submission briefs!

I like to think I’m (usually) quite an organised person, but when it comes to having ideas rattling round in my head and creative decisions to make, plans can just go out the window!

I’m a bit of a “List Maniac” and find that keeping a To Do List is a big help for the day-to-day stuff – but when it comes to planning a bit more long-term, I think, for me at least, investing in a 5 Year Diary for future writing schedules, might help with the tsunami of post-its which often occupy my desk.

So I’m off now to do a bit o Diary shopping on the internet….I just hope that when I have this crisp, new Diary in my possession, I’m organised enough to use it!

Happy Writing & Reading!

Julie X


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