If You Love Writing It, People Will Love Reading It!”


“If you love writing it, people will love reading it!”

I’ve heard this piece of writing advice so often and really believe it.

It’s something that seems to come through in certain novels, when you first start reading – the energy, description and general enthusiasm of the writer is contageous and before you know it, you are living and breathing the story as as though you were there.

The characters dramatically come to life and whenever you finish a chapter or put the book down temporarily, it’s hard to separate yourself from what you’ve just read.

This truly is a very special writing gift that some authors have.

Losing yourself in a novel is a wonderful experience as we all know – and when that story has been carefully crafted and cherished by the writer, it makes the reading experience even more special.

I hope that whatever you are currently reading, is taking you on a journey every bit as wonderful as the writing journey its author travelled on!

Happy Writing!

Julie X



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