Push the Button


I pressed “Send” last night and then almost burst into tears.


Because I’ve been working on Book 4  for several months.

As many writers will tell you, it’s an emotional moment. All the hours; deleted words; revised chapters; moments of procrastination (there were a good few of those!) and general toil culminates with the tapping of that button and firing your work off to publishers/agents.

Now I sit and wonder anxiously, hoping my agent has as much fun reading my novel as I did writing it.

Apparently, it’s perfectly normal to send off your book and then think, “Maybe it’s not as good as my last one? What if they don’t like it? What if I’ve not been able to maintain the standard of writing they expect?”

I read an interview recently with one of my favourite authors who said after writing a shed load of successful novels, she STILL worried about the quality of her work and whether her readers would like it.

Perhaps that’s a sign of someone who is/will be a good author.

In any case, my fourth romantic comedy  is now in the hands of my agent……

Now, how do I stop myself refreshing my In box every ten minutes…..?!

Happy Writing & Reading!

Julie X






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